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Come visit the unique Otak Kokok

One of the right tourist spots for you to visit if you vacation to Lombok is the  Otak Kokok Waterfall or often called Joben Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Montong Betok Village, Montong Gading District, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

This attraction has a height of about 5 meters, where waterfalls pour out from the roots of trees that have been aged for hundreds of years.

Name of Otak Kokok, in the language of Sasak which means water source or can be interpreted upstream of the river. It is said that according to the surrounding community, this waterfall is one of the places where waterfalls can cure various diseases.By bathing under this waterfall then when the water that hits your body turns white like milk white your body has a disease and if it continues to be splashed with the waterfall then your illness will get well soon.

Otak Kokok Lombok

East Lombok tourist attraction is very suitable for family holidays because it serves 2 bathing pools for children and also adults, for admission tickets valued at Rp.5,000 per person. There is no rule for you to wear a swimsuit in this place but it is a polite matter because the citizens of Lombok are very firm in their religious culture. Various berugak have been provided right in the coastal pond as a place to relax or unwind after swimming.

As far as one hour from the city of Mataram to the north through central Lombok, we arrived in the ivory area of the village, in the middle of East Lombok, where the East Lombok object is located, the high rainfall makes this place famous for its stinging cold. even in 2015 it was heard that there was snowfall in this place. This tourism object is included in the tourist attraction which is under the foot of Mount Rinjani which is also a geopark area which is used as a protected park attraction, facilities and roads are well arranged.

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