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Lombok – The Sasak tribe in Lombok has a unique wedding tradition called Merarik. Some people consider this to be running away in Sasak adat. Curious?

Bringing the bride before the wedding, all who see it certainly assume that kawin lari. But for the Sasak Tribe in Lombok, the business is not that simple. Moreover, the people of Lombok are devout Muslims.

detikTravel was talking with said Mamik Universe (46), a cultural observer at the Assembly of Indigenous Sasak, how exactly the unique tradition that at first glance like eloped in.

“The history of this wedding procession is a sort of sequence of Sasak marriage customary cultural events. Because the initial procession that has been carried out is Merarik,” said Mamik Jagad,

According to him, Pulling in there are several ways. In Paer or other regions there are Melaik, while there are 4 Paer in Lombok. There are also those who say Repeat in the area of North Lombok or Bayan. Then, in East Lombok called Melaik and around the Mataram region called Merarik.

Merarik is the first sequence of the Sasak traditional wedding process. For example, the bridegroom from the neighboring village picks up the bride from another village. Then the two traditional leaders will meet to deliberate after the Merarik process.

“Previously there was Memadik or applying or Belako. Pulling is the second way when the Bait or Pulling process occurs (picking up a mate) this is what the thieves call (elope),” Mamik explained.

The origin of the word Pulling from the intentional behavior of turning or turning away, closing your eyes. For example, a woman wants to pull out with the next village boy and has been named to his mother.

Then it was suggested by his mother not to apply because the distant relatives would marry too, there were also neighbors. In order to avoid splits between families or neighbors, parents say ‘want to feel like’.

The mother pretends to close her eyes or turn ‘want to feel’, then let go or run away from her daughter with the man who came in. Pull it. But it was agreed and customary engineering to keep the relationship from being cracked. Why can’t the family be given someone else given?” he said.

That is the origin of Merarik, who is actually not running away. If you go to Lombok and happen to see the traditions of the local wedding, don’t forget to watch it. Exciting!

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